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First Step: Email us with your enquiry providing us with details and information regarding the products and designs that you are looking to create.

Once we have discussed and agreed the details and you are fully confident regarding our service, we will then request that you send us sample images of the designs you wish for us to produce.

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Step Two: We will require you to upload the artwork that you require us to produce for you either by uploading to an email, dropbox or wetransfer. Alternatively if you are to visit us, it would be good if you bring the artwork with you on a USB stick or some form of external hard drive.

Once we have the details, we will work on preparing a mock up of the designs prior to production

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Step Three: Our design team will work in bringing your vision to life. Using the detailed information that you have provided us, along with the artwork, we will prepare a mock up of the product that you wish for us to produce. Once we have prepared the artwork, we will send over the mockup designs for you to approve prior to production.

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Step Four: Once we have approved the mockup designs, we will begin production of your brand/designs.

A sample can be requested prior to the full production. We can either arrange for images to be sent via email/whatsapp/line/imessage and once approved we can continue the production or alternatively if a physical sample is required this can also be arranged too and once agreed we can continue the full production of your order.

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